Houdini 佛堂场景建模爆炸冲击波效果渲染3D学习教程 Rebelway – Introduction To Houdini For 3D Artist

该系列教程一共10周,目前出到第五周,以后有更新的会加上来,该教程全面讲解Houdini 18的各种特效制作的全面使用,中高级教程

Week 01 | HOUDINI

  • Introduction to Houdini 18.
  • Workflow And Tools.
  • Wedging and iteration.
  • Hardware & Software.
  • Crafting FX workflow.


  • Intro to pops
  • An introduction to Designing FX
  • Timing & Layering
  • Create a simple procedural system that uses path finding to create various particles streams
  • Create various FX elements using POPs
  • Particles Caching and optimization
  • NEW: FX Energy design and prototyping the look
  • NEW: Simulation setup
  • NEW: Guiding particles and creating intelligent paths and Colliders
  • NEW: Shockwave design, approach and execution

Week 03 | VOLUMES

  • Intro to Houdini volumes and vdb manipulation.
  • Intro to Dops and smoke solver
  • Create various smoke elements to enhance all the particles FX created week 2
  • Volume caching and optimization
  • NEW: Creating magical explosion
  • NEW: Adding more FX layers to the shockwave
  • NEW: Using smoke simulation to enhance particle simulation


  • Intro to mantra
  • Intro to shading in mantra
  • Shading all the particles FX previously created
  • Rendering the environment and setting up all the passes need to render our particles FX
  • Intro to cops in Houdini
  • NEW: Buildings, streets and environment rendering
  • NEW: Initial particle rendering
  • NEW: Introduction To Compositing

Week 05 | RBD

  • Intro to Bullets and constraints
  • Fracturing using voronoi and boolean
  • What is convex decomposition
  • Edge displacement and high-res interior
  • Create the constraint
  • Simulate the rbd
  • Caching the rbd and optimisation
  • Setup a workflow for using lowres/higer geometry for simulation vs rendering
  • NEW: Houdini 16/17 and 18 and how to transition
  • NEW: When to use sop level solvers vs dop level solvers
  • NEW: Creating the building destruction setup
  • NEW: Building destruction setup and tweaking




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Houdini 佛堂场景建模爆炸冲击波效果渲染3D学习教程 Rebelway – Introduction To Houdini For 3D Artist
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